The Affiliate Commission Funnel
Welcome to the Affiliate Commission Funnel Training
You can use this funnel to generate commissions for yourself, and create an income stream that grows every month, because these are monthly recurring commissions!

To get started, watch the introductory video below which will explain the whole process, and then follow the simple steps to set the funnel up and start using it yourself.

You can get the whole thing up and running in just a couple of hours...
Step 1 - Watch the Introduction video
This video explains how the funnel works, and shows the potential earnings you can achieve with it.
Step 2 - Claim your Free ClickFunnels account
The funnel is powered by ClickFunnels, so you need to get ClickFunnels in order to run it.

The good news is, you can get a free trial account with ClickFunnels which gives you 14 days to test and use this funnel completely free of charge. That's plenty of time to get it setup, and to start earning money with it before you decide whether or not you want to pay for ClickFunnels.

(You WILL want to continue by the way — I guarantee it!).

Now watch the video below to see how to claim your free ClickFunnels account, then click the button underneath:
Step 3 - Download this funnel
Now you've got your ClickFunnels account, the next step is to add this funnel into your own account.

Watch the video to see how to do this (2 minutes), and then add it to your account:
Step 4 - Change the affiliate links to your own
The first thing to do is to change the affiliate links in the funnel to your own, so that you get the commissions, not me!

There are only two links that you have to change, and they are in the two red buttons above.

You need to change the first one to your standard ClickFunnels affiliate link, and the second one to your Share Funnel URL for this funnel.

I'll show you where to find these in the video below.

You can also make some changes to the content or appearance of the optin page, and this training page if you want, although I advise you to concentrate on getting the funnel up and running as it is first, and then make any changes later on.

Watch the video to see how to change your affiliate links, and a brief overview of how to edit the funnel if you want to make some changes to the pages:
Step 5 - Connect your autoresponder and publish!
Now you've got your funnel setup with your affiliate link, the next step is to connect it to your autoresponder service, and then make it live.

Connecting to your autoresponder is very easy as ClickFunnels has built-in support for all of the popular email services — AWeber, MailChimp, Drip, ConvertKit etc.

All you have to do is enter the API key from your email service into ClickFunnels, and then tell ClickFunnels which list or form you want your subscribers to be added to.

(Of course you may want to create a new list especially for this funnel, so if that's the case you'll need to setup that list in your email service first).

And you'll need to load up your email series into your autoresponder.

To get you started, I'm giving you a pre-written swipe file which you can download here.

I really recommend that you write your own email series, but you can use this to get started quickly (REMEMBER — the key thing is to get started, improve it later).

There are three ways to publish the funnel once you've changed all the settings:

     • On the ClickFunnels domain (easy, but not recommended)
     • On your own website — free WordPress Plugin or download HTML file
     • Put it on its own custom domain

Watch the video to see how to do this:

Step 6 - Test and then send traffic
If you've completed all the steps above, you're now good to go — it's time to start sending traffic to your funnel, and start making money!

DO test your funnel thoroughly before you start sending traffic though...

Make sure everything looks right on both pages, make sure that when people opt-in, they are added to your email list (and they get the follow-up emails in your autoresponder), and crucially make sure all of the links work, and you are using YOUR correct affiliate link.

Once you're happy that everything is working correctly, then full steam head — get promoting!

Remember, to achieve the income goals in our business plan, you are looking to give away two copies of this funnel per day — more if you can.

There are lots of free traffic strategies you can use: emailing to your list, reaching out to people on social media, posting in Facebook groups, blog articles, SEO, YouTube videos etc.

The way to really scale your business up though is with paid traffic — solo ads,  and advertisining on Bing, Google AdWords, and Facebook Ads.

These are all things that require a bit of expertise to do successfully, but once mastered the sky is the limit. There is plenty of training available on all of these if you need it, and if you need any help or advice at any point, please feel free to reach out to me.

Extra bonus tip!
I'd like to end with a little bonus for you...

I've used most of the autoresponder services on the planet, and having tried them all, I've found one that is head and shoulders above the others in my opinion.

I use ConvertKit because it gives me great deliverability, good looking emails, and most importantly because (unlike AWeber,  MailChimp and most of the others), it's based around subscribers rather than lists.

That makes it very easy to move people between funnels, and switch them in and out of sequences, depending upon what they have clicked on or bought — across all my funnels and lists.

The result of that is my emails are far more tailored to their particular needs and history than is possible with the old-school email services. And consequently my open rate, click-through rates, and subscriber retention, are streets ahead of anything I've ever got before.

I have a special link which will get you a FREE one month trial of ConvertKit (not normally available).

This new funnel is a perfect opportunity for you to try it out without disturbing your existing campaigns.

Try it for a month for free, and see for yourself what a difference it makes to your bottom line. I think you'll find yourself moving everything over to it once you've used it — I did!

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